I look but do I see? I live but am I alive?

I see the stars and realize that they’ ll be here loooong after I’m gone…

I gaze at the trees, their big trunks and roots, their branches and leaves swaying calmly left and right at the rhythm of the wind and think, they’ ll be here looong after I’m gone..!

I look at the sky and see a glimpse of the infinite the mind cannot grasp…

And with these simple thoughts comes the simplest and wisest paradox:

“Everything I do matters and nothing I do matters, all at once.”

And if I fail to see that, if I take myself and life too seriously (the wrong kind of seriously) when all we are is a form of divinity expressing itself as a human for a little while in a short journey called ‘life’ [a journey which can and will end one day abruptly for all of us]…if I fail to derive true joy from every single thing I do…then, on a very deep layer of myself and on a veeery unconscious level, I actually lack two great virtues: Gratitude and Wisdom…

And being ungrateful and unwise steals from us…it takes away our most valuable belonging: Lightness..! Lightness of breathing, lightness of being, lightness of existing and that special lightness of heart that can bring us pure gladness, contentment, enjoyment, peace and love, making the journey even more worthwhile!

God never intended for us to sacrifice and suffer through life in ANY sort of way. He gave us the gift of life for us to live it and expand our hearts and understanding of it. No one doing so, should, or could logically, ever be made to feel guilty or bad about it. Anyone doing so should only feel proud as one of the few that truly managed the toughest achievement of all: to carry to earth the kingdom of heaven.

Where? In his safest pocket – his heart and soul!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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