Whisper of Today 08.07.2020

Guilt. A feeling we’ve all experienced in life; either through interaction with others or through interaction with the Self. Quite often we feel like we fail others, we either underperform, don’t meet their many expectations of us or we simply fail to reciprocate and fall short of the many of offerings they make to us…Other times we wish to offer so much in our hearts but either by being prisoners of our personality or circumstances we fail to so do.

Guilt can also manifest through an unfinished goal or dream and it can exist subconsciously, luring in the deepest levels of our skin, simply because we are not living a life that truly brings forth our true (or full) light, that reflects our very essence and responds to our soul.

But guilt is yet another instrument in the big orchestra…or better yet, another note in the orchestrated symphony of our existence. You remain the conductor at all times with the magic wand in your hands capable of directing and controlling alike emotions, in a way that they don’t off tune and ruin your center, disturb your balance or affect your intended musical piece. You are the maestro every time in charge, with your spirit always there to inspire you and your soul there nurturing the ability to pick up on that inspiration…so it is up to YOU to find ways to reflect, reassess and restore your center. Cleansing is a constant and never a one-off experience. Each situation and relationship dynamic is a chance to experience the world but above all, it is a chance to experience our Self through the world.

How do you react to guilt? Do you store it? Do you brush it off or merely ignore it? Embrace it and give it a voice! It is a feeling that has a lot to tell and above all, it is a sweet reminder of our profound wish to offer, please and perform, which kind as it may sound and be, it can often beat us up and cause harm.

Let guilt teach you, not eat you!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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