Whisper of Today 08.03.22

If we are sensitive and caring individuals we want to self-improve, as we ought to know that self-improvement is endless and the only way forward. It’s the best gift to ourselves, to our children, to the generations of tomorrow, to the fellow humans we interact with. For can we really speak of a better, nicer and fairer world if we do not begin from us? If we do not manage or at least try to be the change we want to see in it and others? Yes most of us are slightly, mostly or totally broken from young age, but is that an excuse to carry forward in adulthood? When now we are in control and with a bit of wisdom, awareness, intelligence and faith we ought to realise that “it’s in your hands to pick up the glue, not to make you new, but to create a better you…”

Choose what’s best for you and this Earth. Do what it takes to mend your pieces together, to heal open wounds, to reach your heart’s love and truth. Try whatever it takes and take as many paths as possible as there is not just one way to healing and happiness. You just gotta figure out your own. You do not have to become holy, simply a more content being, able to practice gratitude and apply wisdom. Every small cell of improvement is important as on the whole, your microcosmos as well as your macrocosmos will benefit. And that’s the greatest thing one can do in life.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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