Whisper of today 10.04.20

Let’s face it, in this lockdown period, we are not just aiming for safety, we are aiming for sanity…And though I personally pray to God we all emerge out of this crisis being more wise and sane than before, I realize that little, if any, change has taken place on the little circle of people I know, which leads to the conclusion that even external crises do very little or nothing to create a change or have a positive impact or improvement unless WE want that change, unless WE are ready and thirsty for that self-improvement ourselves. If not, “this too shall pass” and leave us just the same as it found us (at best) or perhaps (and unfortunately so) we come out of it even worse…(more fearful, more insecure, more ungrateful). But in being optimistic, that shouldn’t matter either as it all is as it should be and if we get rid of all attachments of how things should be in the world or in others (prerecorded or passed unto us from childhood or even past lives)…if only we find the kind strength to let go of even THAT expectation and form of subtle arrogance in us, then we can fully accept that “failure”, “lost opportunity” or lack of change in others. Better yet, we can stop needing or relying on anybody’s change in order to be calm and happy. THAT lack of judgment and complete reliance on inner reflection is what will keep us and this planet safe and sane. Keep shining your own light bright as ever, as in the end we each live off THAT light and not the light produced by others. And find a way to keep safe and keep sane, as YOU truly feel you should.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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