Whisper of Today 09.04.20

Life: A big puzzle of a journey experienced through our physical existence composed of our brain, spirit and our personality.

Choice: Understanding that some parts of the puzzle we get to choose and some others not. But, does it mean that in the latter case we have no choice? No, there’s always a choice. A choice on how we look at the circumstances or the things in our lives not consciously chosen by us. A choice on how we deal with them, how we feel about them. Do we remain stuck on what we would have preferred or liked better or do we find a way to surrender and be flexible in embracing what is actually happening?

Wisdom: Building our own microcosmos of choice in the macrocosmos of pre-determined facts so that we give respect, compassion and love to ourselves, finding in that way the way to be our own best friend, taking care of ourselves and granting back to us the freedom of choice. Acceptance of “what is” is wisdom.

Result: Only then can things change for the better in this world. And you will contribute positively without even realizing it.

Once you become the one making the choice, you’ll become the one making the change.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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