Coronavirus: a time for more light than darkness.

Being 7.5 months pregnant with some pregnancy complications and under the current coronavirus circumstances, I find that the more I spread love and light, the better I feel. I am so thankful to those who are open to receive and share with. Happiness is only real when shared after all and at times of isolation we feel how precious human interaction and sharing actually is.

Only a couple of days ago we took a friend or a relative showing up at our house for granted. We took a gathering as a usual, often boring, event. Not that we didn’t enjoy it, but we somehow considered it so normal, that perhaps we didn’t truly grasp how precious and valuable it actually is. Now and as this virus spreads and the situation progresses (or escalates), when that bell eventually rings on your door or when that relative or friend shows up at your doorstep or finds himself anywhere next to you (hopefully soon) one day, you’ll be sure to think twice and remember how hard or even torturing it was not seeing them and how cherished their presence and company is in your life.

Human relationships, human friendship or mere human contact is indeed so important and so necessary to our wellbeing, to the health of our mind, our spirits, our psychology and our hearts. A smile at a stranger at the bakery, a quick chit chat with an acquaintance outside the kids’ school, a breezy hello to someone at the workplace, a deep or even shallow talk over a cup of coffee, an outdoor or indoor activity with a family member or a close friend: all so very simple and daily yet all so very rare and treasured.

And these are not the only things we took for granted; I, as well as you too I’m sure, considered the freedom and ability to go do my own things, like visit a beauty salon or run simple errands like grocery shopping or even just taking a walk at the neighbourhood park as yet another given fact, which admittedly stole away from the huge appreciation and gratitude we ought to carry and in fact experience over just being able to do those simple things and essentially over just being…free!

So, let’s take this time to reflect all the above and a thousand different other small or big things in between. Nothing is punishment as all is experience and with a little soul in my belly I can tell you with confidence that I feel more connection and oneness with the humans of this world now than ever before, despite the tremendously difficult situation, anxiety, concern and discomfort my entire system is placed in. And yes I feel fear which I fully accept and embrace as that fear also guides me to my feelings and to my heart and then my heart always has the answers. My heart has love and love is consoling and comforting and it silences demons and redefines the circumstances each time in the day I lose my faith and panic by placing matters in good order, calling upon my wisdom and strength to assist along the way.

Let’s not focus or waste energy on who’s to blame or what the motives behind this could be or are. These are dark low-vibrational thoughts and gestures and now is a time to radiate light not darkness. Let’s choose for peace, let’s choose to inhale love and exhale gratitude and send out lightful whispers to our closest of the close all the way to those we came across who made it really hard to love them. Wish them all health and to feel peaceful and complete. See a circle of loving light surround you and then imagine it expanding…send out that light to your neighbours’ houses, then imagine it being shed upon your whole area, city, country, neighbouring countries until you finally picture the whole globe beaming with that loving healing light. Only love can protect us and work miracles as that is God’s voice in each of us resting deep within and no one can take that away from us. In the meantime, let’s cooperate in being rational and disciplined to adhere to the instructions given for lock up so to aid the situation and stop the virus from spinning out of control in our country and globe, respecting the lives of others who may be more vulnerable yet so so loved.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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