Whisper of Today 18.02.2019

ladysmile sunset

We say let’s invite more magic into our lives but is that even the right term to use? Do we ‘invite’ more magic ‘in’ or do we enhance and draw our attention to the existing one? Whilst being busy thinking of ways on how to improve our lives or how to make them fuller, why don’t we take baby steps and instead start by becoming more conscious, bit by bit unblocking from the subtle almost unnoticeable numbness, robotic actions and frankly quite-scary-when-truly-spotted narcosis done upon us by our conditioning, by society’s rights and wrongs, by the many opinions and judgements, by peer pressure, by technology and its heightened involvement in our daily lives, by the multiple distractions, by our over-thinking-to-levels-of-burnout ego etc. etc. We long for the attention of others when we in fact don’t give any to ourselves. We long for others’ friendship and care when we are not our own best friend – someone who cares enough to make us a better person and refining our very own existence. And one reasonably may wonder: why would you expect someone to give you something, when you don’t find the time or the way to give that to yourself in the first place? Isn’t that unfair or just crazy to say the least?

STOP. Stop your mind from being occupied with shallow matters such as what you wear or how you wear it, what others said or how others think; see clearly that the best thing you can wear is a kind heart and a genuine smile and that the only opinion that should concern you is yours, contemplating only if you formed it with pure intentions, ensuring always your heart feels at peace with each decision you take.

Go to your heart as that’s the best way to calm down and hush the mental noise and the frustration of repeated thinking for which you mostly reach no answers; Feel your heart’s love, sense the relieving security offered by its light…just stay there and BE in the presence of your heart for a little while and see clearly that you are that silence of the soothing void…and whilst taking a deep breath, softly brush your worries aside, promising yourself to not discard your thoughts as they too are here to teach something yet not to become your thoughts either…reminding yourself that getting over-identified and over-consumed by the mind which persistently thinks too much, wants more, seeks further, is the best way to forget about the joy of Being.

Have faith! You will experience all that you were meant to experience, you will share all that which you were meant to share with all those whom you were meant to share them with…Life works in mysterious and enchanted ways! Surrender to your heart and surrender to the universal magic always guiding you, always taking you to the right directions, as you are always loved, taken care of and watched over, so long as you trust, observe and listen…Magic is in me and magic is in you, magic is in you and me!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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