Whisper of today 15.02.2019

This writing is not something original. Its aim is not to be original anyway. Its aim is to repeat a deep old truth; that which says that love is what makes the world go round, that love is all we need and that being at heart creatures of love when we don’t love enough we inevitably suffer damage inside, irrespective of whether we realise it or not. I always say that love is all around for those courageous enough to ride its tide, for the ones eager enough to notice and with eyes open wide enough to see! Love is in the morning skies and in the near blue sea. Love is in the face of a friend that you are happy to see; love lies behind subtle gestures not seeking recognition but simply to bring joy and peace, love is behind kind actions such as someone making your tea or a group of people trying for some animals to be free, love is in non-comparing, in feeling adequate and in surrendering to what is;

Love is a nice warm bath, love is appreciation of that bath, love is a generous wise boss, love is gratitude for that boss, love is someone who’s always ready to put in a good word for somebody else, love is in doing right rather than being right, love is in pure intentions and no judgment, love is in not labelling and jumping to conclusions, love is having an understanding of what’s going on but no opinion about it, love is in acting and not reacting, love is in letting go, again and again; Love is what’s hiding behind even the longest curtains of our ego which is always busy obscuring our awareness, preoccupying our creative minds…Love is what rests in the hearts of all of us, love is always right before you, love is EVERYWHERE and love is EVERYTHING…Love is in the now and now is life, so Love, Love IS Life!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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