Whisper of today 12.02.2019

How many times do you go out in Nature and experience a deep sense of rejuvenation? Pay attention and play this game: try becoming Nature itself and the entire experience will reach profound levels. Become one with the birds, truly look at the flowers in the valley, identify yourself fully with a tree of your choice. Don’t even label what you see or give them names…just hush the incessant stream of thinking, mute if you may the many voices in your head, telling you it’s cold, telling you it’s a tree, a small tree, a big tree; JUST hush, take a deep breath and quieten down, simply focus on aligning your energy with the tree. Become as formless as possible whilst being there in your human form. Realise that energy is energy and energy cannot be lost or destroyed but can merely change form, so take control of the form you’ll take as you too are only a form of energy…an endless potential expressing yourself as a human for a short journey. Understand clearly that bringing presence to the current moment and diverting your attention to Nature is the secret recipe and the only ticket to expanding the journey, experiencing the sacredness and making the absolute most of the holy journey of you.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

One response to “Whisper of today 12.02.2019

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    Very beautiful wispherTania.

    We better be aware and enjoy the journey we call life.

    We got the message that Jos his eldest sister was found dead in her bed this last Sunday, he is on his way to Holland now for the cremation. Must say that having 4 deaths in a couple of months is a lot. So yes enjoying life and giving it my love.

    Thanks for being in my life as you add in your own way beauty to it, all my love, xxx


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