Whisper of Today 10.05.2018

morning before proposal

Aren’t there days where you get a brief chance to be alone, perhaps whilst driving to work or having your coffee early in the morning and a song or something recalls an emotion and suddenly, there it is! Your soft heart takes off and starts feeling so much feeling, just so so much love, almost as if your heart is, out of the blue, dripping, with love pouring out of it left, right and centre…! And you swiftly go down a mental path where moments you’ve lived (special ones or simply regular), walks and talks you’ve had, imaginings you’ve experienced as a reality, dreams you dared to make come true, games you ‘ve played as a child, memories of yours as a student, little stories, big stories, hands being touched and held, all of it comes to mind and the more you put together bits of your life’s mosaic, the more the round line appears on the lower part of your face and you smile… 🙂

And the more the mental images play in your head, images of the various persons or animals you have crossed path with, for a long while or a short while, for something minor or something major, each one of them special in their own way, the more you align yourself with the cosmic energy as you somehow feel a deeper comprehension of the inexplicable journey called ‘life’. And the more your heart swamps with affection, your life’s favourite people come up…their faces begin flashing right before you and you are overwhelmed and rich, so rich with sentiments!

And in the end, a feeling of profound thankfulness takes over and settles calmly in your entire body which fills with goosebumps as shivers of happiness, bliss and joy slowly replace every other sensation. And as you realise your many different sides, phases and stages, you start having a much kinder look upon others around…a supple respect for their many different sides, their journey and their heart’s intensity and ability to love. And then you reflect; Life is a voyage of the soul and in truth, the soul is awakened the most, is ecstatic and alive the most when it loves and is loved, when persons bond and connect, when you see yourself through others eyes and when you see through to others…when bits of your soul material are shared and exchanged or merely happily spotted in someone else’s core, actions, demeanour and vibes.

And all those amplified emotions, that sacred ebb and flow of your heart and all that love you feel for everyone, for it all…? You ARE all that love, as love is all that you are.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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