Happy National Teachers’ Week


Teachers; what a wonderful word, what a precious role, what a sacred work…One that touches human hearts, cultivates spirits, sharpens brains, creates humans…! Today, on national teachers’ week, our heart goes out to them more than usual, and we send a cordial thank you to all those teachers out there, from nursery school and kindergarten all the way to university, or even teachers of our hobbies…to the teachers who are wise and flexible and kind enough to change their colours and tones like chameleons depending on the various different colours and personalities of children that come their way, all in an aim to get through to them a good message in the best way possible…in order to find a way to speak each child’s specific ways. To the teachers who inspire respect, love, playfulness, creativity, who spark our imagination and help us see our full potential, who encourage us to follow our dreams and be ourselves…who can be tough and strong yet soft and tender all at once! To the special teachers who have passion for their role, magic in their hearts, healing powers in their palms and witty kindness in their eyes..! And of course a big reminder to us all that we can all be teachers in this life, being loving and peaceful wise guides to ourselves and therefore a big source of inspiration to all those around us!

Happy National Teachers’ week! We thank you for your vital kind efforts and good intentions..!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

3 responses to “Happy National Teachers’ Week

  1. Thank you very much! So touching and kind congratulations! I came across this article by accident, but glad about it! So pleasure! Can I repost the text with the active link?

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