Imperfect parenting

“What we ARE teaches the child more than what we SAY” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

Let’s be honest with ourselves if we want our children to have an honest relationship with us and with themselves; Let’s BE what we wish or preach our children to BECOME, or as close as we can to that. Gather all your best wishes for your child, all those heartfelt blessings, and place every single one of them unto you. Become the living proof of them as that’s a much more guaranteed-to-deliver method than praying for your kids and reciting wishes for them from deep inside. Let’s move from words into action. From wishing and hoping to being and practicing.

Let us dare to be vulnerable and imperfect, raising in that way children who love themselves irrespective of human flaws, failures and weaknesses…! Children who praise themselves for their intentions, their efforts and their perseverance rather than their actual results or good performances. And let’s put an end to our perfectionism or the building of a “picture perfect”…imperfect parenting means feeling free to be just who you are, being totally honest…it means it’s ok to be wrong sometimes, or not have all the answers or be exhausted and tired- it’s knowing deep inside that you are, whether an imperfect parent or an imperfect child, deeply wanted, respected and loved nonetheless!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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