Mother’s Day..!

It’s said that “a child’s aura is connected to the mother’s energy field from the time it’s in her belly and that it’s in fact the energetic structure of the mother’s aura and body which allows the soul to mesh more fully over the whole period of the pregnancy! The child then remains connected to its mother’s aura for a number of years after birth, fully detaching only at around 7 years old, depending on the maturity of the spirit. The detachment takes place gradually, unmeshing one layer of the aura/chakra system at a time.” Isn’t that pure magic?!

They also say that each child chooses its parents and on that basis no mother should ever feel anything in her energy field can be categorised as ‘bad’. It is what it is and that soul chose THAT mother and path to experience just what he or she is experiencing and in that way to learn, understand, savour various emotions, see different sides of itself, grow and develop.

Today, on mother’s day, let’s take a short pause from our “yes mothers are special” taken-for-granted kind of attitude and let’s truly sink in and appreciate the immensely invaluable work they do…growing babies inside of them, carrying them around for 9 months, bringing humans to this world and raising them to their best capacity..! And irrespective of their such capacity, whether emotionally or even mentally a mother is mature enough to fully embrace her mothering role, her heart can never deny it, love like the kind it carries for her child, rooted at the very depths of her abyss existence, it will find nowhere else, no more.

Let’s pray that all mothers have peace in their minds, love resonating from their hearts, reason in their heads and grace in their spirit..! May they speak words of truth and wisdom and may they shine in their brightest form of light!

And let’s love mothers up! Show them our love and tell them how special they are, giving them our best support and aim at keeping them happy and sane…showing in that way that they’ve got our deep respect and awareness in their precious undertaking of creating our society’s humans.

They say “happy wife, happy life..!” I’ll say “happy mothers, happy all others..!” 🙂

With love and appreciation to all mothers out there,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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