Start with the man in the mirror, see the little girl inside..!


Love”; Love for others, love for the world, love for you. But no, not in that order, no…surely first should come love for you, then love for the world and others. And be aware, as this is done in a very non-egocentric, healthy, selfless manner, for if I truly want to love, if my intention to love is so strong and pure I will see clearly that I must love myself in order to love the world I live in, I must love life to love living, I need to offer myself what I aim in offering to others as the more of something I have inside me, the more I can carry it through to outside me, the more I stock up within, the more I have available in giving out…for we cannot serve anything to anyone from an empty vase, no matter our wish to offer, irrespective of our intentions to so do.

The king of pop said it right when he said “I’m starting with the man in the mirror” as it is a sacred necessity that I be the change I wish to see in others, the change I wish to see in the world before I can expect to see this change in both others and the world. We cannot hope for a better world if we don’t start with improving ourselves…we cannot wish for a cleaner world, if we don’t “disinfect” ourselves and ensure we don’t carry in nor send out toxins from mixed up emotions made up of either fear, resentment, insecurity, doubt, bitterness,  inferiority or superiority complexes, lack of gratitude, lack of acceptance and compassion, lack of humility, lack of faith, lack of surrender..!

But theory aside, how do you start with the man in the mirror? Close your eyes, picture yourself, see yourself from above first and then go closer to see the young little boy or girl you once were, standing there…observe any inhibitions, any transferred fears, any cut wings or wrong messages or ideas conveyed at a tender age and then picture the current man or woman you are and let your heart fill with compassion for all your efforts, for all these concrete-by-now ideas you once were misled into adopting, the kind you so strongly and mostly by default have learnt to support, the ones you are by now convinced are one and the same with you yet have in fact so little to say with regards to who you truly are, the ideas you consciously fight to get rid of or subconsciously make your life difficult and you more heavy as you carry around something which never truly belonged to you, which never really suited or represented you…Then begin filling yourself up with love for all your good intentions, allow love to slowly flow in on its own and indulge in the sweet melancholy arising out of the realisation of the short life battle this individual you are viewing is giving…Smile tearfully if you so feel and then mentally hug and embrace him or her, take some time and spend a moment there with him giving your full love, attention, your presence, your understanding. Tell this man that the world’s an alright place…realise how tough you have been on him some days, how much you expect of him most days and respectfully apologise, promising that you will take great care of him from now on, loving him up even more, appreciating him more substantially, caring in that way for this world and others more intensely.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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