Whisper of Today 28.11.2017

birds at lady's mile

When you are so on the run you can’t even bear the thought of stopping, when you are truthfully exhausted but cannot begin to conceptualise a time or a way to rest, when you are mentally knackered, factually worn out and psychologically lacking the ability to focus on other areas you wish you could, when you wish to find the inspiration to turn your mind elsewhere just for a short while simply to reboot, rejuvenate, recharge, relax for a while…Then you’ve created the perfect foundation for yourself to practice 2 things: Acceptance & Self-Healing. Take a deep conscious breath and feel gratitude for all that you have and all what you are experiencing. Ask your higher self to step forward and see clearly that the minute you accept certain circumstances, the minute your resistance is put aside, as soon as your expectations and other demands are out of the picture, with your ultimate surrender comes alignment and with that you become more at ease with your current situation and you begin to feel peaceful. And the minute you feel more peaceful that’s when you can make space, space in your mind for calming down, space which allows you to zoom out of the place you happen to be, seeing yourself from above, where you are standing, doing whatever you are doing, zooming out even more to see your neighbourhood, your whole area, your city, your country, zooming out more and more, viewing the whole planet earth and through doing so becoming more cosmically aware of your presence and the divine omnipresence that rests inside and outside of you. The moment you achieve this you may then realise that YOU ARE your own inspiration point, your own tool to turn your mind elsewhere, to reboot, rejuvenate and recharge…you may do this in the form of an actual activity or you may realise that restarting can be a daily mental act that starts first from within and then effected from without. Totally accept all the roles you took up and are so diligently performing, consent wholeheartedly to the current situation of your life, trusting in the deep lesson carried through, doubting not in its profound value; You are the key to everything and you are your self’s best healer..!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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