Whisper of Today 17.02.2017


A job should not be done for the sole purpose of gaining money but to gain enjoyment in creating in the 8 hours of our every day! The choice to do someone a favour is not executed in the hope of immediate or future reciprocity but altruistically with no expectations or so at all! A kind gesture is not performed because good manners so dictate but because kindness at the end of the day feeds our own soul! The task of parenting is not just to raise a healthy child and ensure its nurturing, education and overall growth but to connect with that child, truly listen, really enjoy and actually see through that child whilst growing with it, learning from one another, exchanging love, ideas and knowledge, points of views and feelings, respecting each other as two equal beings albeit the age difference, being mindfully present when sharing precious time in their life journey together. Every activity in life should not be done mechanically but with our conscious awareness; a bath should not be taken each night absent-mindedly merely to keep clean but instead to relax, thank and please our bodies for having served us for one more day whilst we walk this planet– after all, our bodies are the sacred temples housing our souls…! Walking our dog should not only be done for the dog to do its needs but a chance for us to breathe fresh air, gaze at the passing buildings and trees and observe our dog’s moves, mentally entering the wonderful carefree animal world for that short while! A friendly chat is not just a socializing moment in your day but a great opportunity to give love, share a joke and feel all the wonderful emotions experienced with friendship and the warmth that always comes with candid love, humour and care. An embrace of a child is not just a short-lived hug but in fact a magical moment where fresh-from-heaven purity and divine holy vibes are transmitted, if only you pause to feel! Feeding your baby is not just about quieting down its hunger but a time to feed its spirit with wisdom and its heart and yours with endless affection. Aim in doing things with your heart and consciousness. Aim in doing things for you. Truly take in whatever you do. Do it all with all your love, kindness, a good sense of humour and intelligent awareness; then make sure you let your whole existence digest the “vitamins” of such doing…have no doubt of its nurturing abilities. Do things not to hide your problems, kill your boredom or satisfy your needs but to add to your existing treasures and to go along the natural free flow of your life! Do what you do sourced from power, faith and utter trust not from fear, doubt and lust. Do, not with the intention of receiving, but with the intention of magnanimously enjoying the ‘giving’ and the ‘doing’.  Be the living example of what you want to see in others! That’s when you’ll feel like you are living a life that’s full and good. That way you’ll feel that you are finally living enough!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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