Whisper of Today 14.02.2017


Does routine and its tiredness drain most of your energy so that very little of yourself is left to relate, touch base or even feel any sort of emotion for the little or big you do have and actually truly treasure? Are you so used to focusing on the negative, hard side or merely practical side of things to such an extent that if you actually look back on your day, week or month, you’ll realize that you haven’t felt grateful and content for quite some time now..? Have you actually stopped to taste “the fruits of your own production” or are you just caught up in producing them? Has nagging and complaining become almost your second nature that it inadvertently and almost by default kicks in immediately every time, disallowing any other form of approach to your life’s events as those unfold, not leaving any space for your wisdom to gear in for a more adult-like perspective, action and reaction? Have you in fact given this any serious thought or have you instead been filling up your few “free” moments left and scattered here and there in your busy Western lifestyle, demanding timetable and schedule on your smartphone or facebook? When was the last time you were actually truly present in whatever it is you happened to be experiencing, rightly granting yourself the chance to embark upon some mindful presence, room and time for yourself, for reflections of this kind and for a chance to listen to the whispers of your soul? Today make it a day of listening, a day of awareness, a day of putting your consciousness and heart in what you do, a day of love…whereby you count your blessings and with intelligent awareness you feel deeply grateful and profoundly blissful, seeing no longer just the rough and bigger picture but instead being attentive, silent and gratifying enough to notice the beautiful details lying right before your eyes, found in you, your loved ones, nature and all of life!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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