Whisper of Today 15.12.2016


All what you encounter in your life, all the people you come across, all the different treatment you receive and all that you experience are results of your inner world and your inner choice. Nothing is a coincidence and for something to appear in that specific time in your life or over a certain period then it definitely has come up for a reason, has its purpose and carries its own lesson, calling you to discover it. Do you look for that reason? Do you realise that you also play an active part in what unfolds in your life or do you surrender to the “misfortune” that has found you and instead sit and moan in the familiar role of the victim? Is it easier to blame others or curse life than to look inside? Is it a easier to step into the territory of criticizing somebody as a “bad person” and a certain happening as a “dark phase” rather than taking charge over matters and life and pondering “What is it in this situation that I can learn from?” “Why do I repeatedly keep attracting this message lately?” “Could it be that there is something in this person that is in me too that I haven’t accepted in me and thus cannot accept in this person either?” “Why do I give this person so much control, making me less important and allowing this person to make me angry and how can I instead show me more love and him more tolerance for the things we disagree or feel and act differently upon?”; “If I have so much power and persistence in making negative thoughts, why not divert all that strength of mine into positive thoughts?” “What exactly do I gain by blaming others? By holding on to my irritation or disappointment? By holding on to things and never truly forgiving by letting go, unburdening myself from all that weight I carry every day?” “Why don’t I instead respectfully give back to the other person their own issue as it was theirs in the first place and not mine to take at heart or amend, wishing them all the best with it all the while?” “If life isn’t being very kind to me, how can I add more kindness to it myself?” “If others don’t show me love, how can I feel love and be love nonetheless all from within?” You cannot change life and you cannot change others. To be quite frank, you are for years now struggling to understand and change yourself, let alone others! Of course you find it difficult to understand life through the limitations of your mind and you definitely find it hard to accept and embrace others through the lack of expansion of your spirit and heart. You have trouble grasping the meaning behind everything because you become obsessed with chasing “the meaning” rather than taking comfort in the enjoyment of simply getting in touch with the seed of potential you really are and indulging in your own offerings to life and life’s reciprocity of those offerings back to you! Today make the choice of actually making a choice! Today make the choice to make a different choice! Today make the choice not to take things personally or judge yourself, life, others; today just view everything with eyes of curiosity, through lenses of intelligence and sympathy…Today defy the way you’d normally perceive things and approach all with a creative energy, aiming solely for abundance and delight, love and kindness, restoring your state of grace and tranquillity. View each happening as a challenging opportunity to think outside the box and feel every situation first with your heart and then with your mind. Make it your aim not to change life or others but to come closer to your own radiance and light and polish you as a member of this society, which shall inevitably refine your world and polish our world!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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