Whisper of Today 10.11.2016


Beauty is all around so long as you stop to spot it so far as you stop to see, take the time to create it and a pause to take it in. This morning 3 butterflies flew past me at the office’s front entrance door. I felt touched by paradise at their sight their presence instantly brought so much light, right away I was in awe. “Oh hello heaven!” I whispered and smiled! Then I pondered on the number of butterflies graciously flying at that very moment out there on planet earth, in green, flowery, sun-shining hills…how the birds are passing their time this morning in their surrounding nature bliss! How fresh flowers would feel on my hands’ naked skin and how nice it would be to gather and smell some on a day like this! And so I shut my eyes for a second and did it all-! I felt the sun burning on my forehead, felt my bare feet stepping on grassy, flowery hills…I let the colourful butterflies swirl and dance all around me and gathered flowers from the floor and did “my thing”! I did my art…I formed a flowery fuchsia heart and I felt this way “fully-charged”! What a whimsical pondering, what a magical powerful dream, to notice nature’s beauty and then visit it within!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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