Whisper of Today 01.11.2016


Dear Self,

You so often mislay yourself, losing touch with “reality” by falling in the trap of the “illusion”. How funny is it when that happens, and how easily it happens if I may add, whilst you deep down seem to know that “in reality…there is no reality” and all we live is a mirror image and by-product of our very perception or what we allow others to create as or convince us being “our reality”. How liberated and ridiculous at once do you feel when you realize that your very reality is a delusion and that very delusion your reality? I know dear self that that makes you feel very angry, frustrated, weak and betrayed but why don’t you, for a short while, place some of that stubborn and persistently energy (which is after all evidence of your strength) behind a bit of laughter and see how humorous and comical that human habit of yours is…even if you believe it has weakness at its roots.

You take things which are so sacred, SO material & project unto to them such slight substance, offer them such little of your time. You place so much of your focus and invest so much of your time and energy on things which are immaterial, ephemeral, of petty nature or merely so trivial in the vastness of life and daily make them so humongous and important instead. In the delusionary actuality which surrounds you and inhabits your comprehension and mind, trivial things form the center of your life and true meaningful pleasures such as loving yourself and enjoying the gift of Life you have been given is continually pushed aside. What a pity.., what a sin!

Over the years you have become excellent in planting strong seeds of fear, anxiety and doubt in your body and yet so neglectful in watering your pots of inner centering, vibration and reconnection with your wisdom. You are so quick in placing you (and subsequently your loved ones) second in the face of other circumstances and so resentful and shameful at the idea of taking the primary seat in your own life’s ride! You lose your feet and patience at the flick of a finger and when you dare, when God forbid you dare, make the thought of chasing your dreams or prioritizing or simply embracing happiness you swiftly stumble. Yet when it comes to recuperating all that energy wasted on actions and thoughts of small-mindedness, worry and self-destruction- oh gosh, how difficult and torturing-ly slow can that healing process be? All competence is suddenly lost.

But I don’t judge you for it! I don’t judge you for any of it! Nor do I bang my head on the wall regretfully for moments gone-by or time lost or emotions unnecessarily absorbed. I accept that human side of you falling for the illusion and not touching much base with “the real reality”..! I reconcile with your inner demons and sympathise with your very own FEAR since it is after all False Evidence Appearing Real and I call it okay to have been foolishly deceived. How raw, how real and wild, how beautiful is that side of yours too!? Instead I choose to remind you that without these moments of fear and delusion, “reality” wouldn’t in fact exist as a term, let alone be practiced as a human condition in the physical realm; and then…then the real glorious meaning of life would not possibly be experienced.

In today’s recognition of your very own fears stands your tomorrow’s chance of living fearlessly and witnessing the bliss which that brings. After all, only through some cracks of darkness would a sheet of bright light be truly seen. I give you permission to go backstage, stepping to the backside of your lightful sheet of existence and seeing what it’s like to see it inside out, exploring from the opposite angle the dark sheet of existence and its respective cracks of light! So you‘ve changed route or changed perspective for a while… You say “that’s no good! It’s wrong!” “Is that so?” I answer, “is that truly so?” I ask.

My dearest stubborn, fearful, brave and amazing Self, fear not as inside your heart a love compass is rooted. So long as you remember to use it, so far as you choose to put it in use, it shall forever and ever take you to voyages which are “right” for you; it shall forever and ever lead you to trails of kindness and tracks of contentment and peace.

Love and Light,

Me! 🙂

P.S. No matter what you are up to, no matter where you are, I’ll love you just the same, I’ll love you just the way you are!

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