Approaching motherhood 21.11.2016


Approaching motherhood and feeling like I have just about reached for the window, the view of which hides all that which was so abundantly and unconditionally provided to me by my own mother and all the mothers in the world out there…Approaching motherhood and the closer I come to the days I shall bring a person to this world, the closer I come to comprehending the grandeur of a woman, the sublime role of a mother, the great vastness of motherly offerings, the magnificence of their hearts and of course the ocean-size love they carry for their children, rooted as deeply and as strongly as the colossal rocky mountains of planet Earth. Images of motherly contributions and instances begin to run through my head, playing like a fast-forwarded tape and each of them carries the force of this inconceivable, mind-blowing, incredible magic and I know that these few images form mere glimpses of the enormous view which mirrors the endless sea of their giving and caring.

Approaching motherhood and the more my baby moves and twirls inside my body the more I connect with it and come to realise “this is my life’s greatest achievement, this is what matters above and beyond all, the love that we share is all the love there is to be; unconditional, unbreakable like a thick silver chain, raw and real, so real…more real than real, more pure than pure”.

Approaching motherhood and day by day I realise that the two of us are two heartbeats in one body, connected through life’s physical realms all the way to realms which go way past physical limitations and human understanding; we may be two heartbeats yet I can feel we are truly one heart. As I take a deep breath I become aware that you feed and breathe on that very same breath and instantly make the thought that “although I haven’t even held you yet I would, without a second thought, give up my breath for you to live”. Overwhelmed with emotions that such kind of love brings, I shed a tear and make a ground-shaking thought: “I haven’t even met you and I would give up my life for you. I haven’t even met you, yet I know you so so well”. But who am I kidding? Of course I have met you…We have met time and again, we have shared such deep a love that we have promised each other to meet once more and share so much in this ever-so-sacred form of existence, experiencing and exploring this time round the mother-daughter special bond! Wow..! I am in awe!-

Approaching motherhood and with my spirits so high and my chin facing down I am filled with joy and humility at the realisation of the sacred beautiful role I’m being asked to perform. I close my eyes and focus on your movements in my belly. I feel you there, all soft and squeezed up yet, like a miracle, surviving, growing and developing into a little human being! I smile and mentally visit you inside my womb, embracing you tenderly with my arms which extend over you like a dove’s wings…loving you up, protecting you, keeping you safe..! I picture us holding hands…You can just about walk and you still have your pampers on, you are absolutely adorable. The smile doesn’t leave my face. We are walking barefooted on beautiful valleys, feeling this Earth whilst butterflies are flying all around us, whilst beauty is unfolding all over and inside our hearts. I lift you up and introduce you to the magnificent world you shall soon be coming to, showing you the mountains and the lakes, the trees and the sun, explaining to you the sheep and the goats and the horses and the birds and the whole of the animal kingdom! You look at me with such amazement and heart-warming innocence is flooding your sweet eyes and whilst I place you safely back inside my womb I touch your little hand and kiss it softly, as softly as my strong love permits, as it now feels as strong and intense as the grandest nature’s waterfall. I make a promise to you to love you unconditionally and I gift you my heart’s love forever and a day…for the whole of eternity. I tell you that I shall love you for the love that you are and shall forever be grateful for the extends of love that you have made it possible for me to reach and explore inside my own soul; I promise you not to judge you or impose my thoughts upon you, nor to love you by reason of your “successes” or “achievements”; I will adore you my darling simply for who you are, for the soul that you carry and for the love and light I know you are coming to share, with me, with your loved ones and this cosmos as a whole. I shall protect and guide you and at the same time I shall be open and grateful for the wisdom you carry or shall accumulate in your life’s path and would be kind enough to teach or share with me.

Approaching motherhood and I know now, that there is nothing, nothing in this world that can make me happier and that can offer me more bliss, than seeing you develop into the raw truth, the torch of love, the polite kindness, the brilliant light, the wise gratitude and the charismatic grace you are and have come from.

Approaching motherhood and I already love you my baby and can’t wait to meet you and love you more and more and more! ! !

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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