Whisper of Today 29.06.2016

Whisper of Today        29.06.2016

garden zen

People often believe that living mindfully, pausing to appreciate life and count your blessings, adding a spin of acceptance, gratitude and recognition to your days and ensuring a degree of connection with inner and outer world, somehow magically transforms lives into a happily-ever-after kind of fairy tale whereby each day is happier than the previous one and life ahead is problem-free and all roses while the emotional world devoid of turmoil. Surely one can spot the romance in such ponders and the thought alone can certainly make one smile, yet that is far from real. Doing the above and honouring the decision to be more aware of the unlimited potential you are doesn’t mean you are no longer human, present amongst the living, carrying no matter what the “identity” and experiences you have been given or exposed to since your day 1 in life. You still go through different life moments and these moments are always viewed and filtered, albeit more consciously, through the lens and mind of a person, not an angel with a halo and wings! So what difference does it make living mindfully and believing deeply in the love that we come from, are made up of and which in fact surrounds us all? The difference is found in that suddenly these once ordinary life moments are viewed as precious moments; that a wisdom is slowly built inside with which you realise one of life’s most greatest truths and priceless oxymoron realities: that life is on the one hand so sacred and important yet on the other too trivial to be taken so very seriously..! All virtues, insight and understanding gathered through the never-ending journey of self-exploration don’t grant you with the secret one-way ticket to forever-happyland or make you perfect and faultless; they merely make you humbler and wiser in the way you approach and face life’s various experiences and events and this, in itself, gives you more quality in life and a sublime quality existence.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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