Whisper of Today 04.07.2016


Intention: “the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.” What makes intentions so important is that essentially it is they which determine our actions. Intentions are the driving force with which one sets and executes goals, actions and aims and being so they arguably form the energy that governs one’s very existence. Often people are categorised and can be in fact differentiated on the very basis of their intentions. We say “oh but he means well…”, “her intents are honourable and honest”, “their aim is to be kind” or “their intentions are not innocent but vindictive” and so forth. Clearly we see that wisdom calls us to place substantial weight, not solely on the actions of a person, but on the intentions behind those actions and thankfully people often do engage in such calculations instead of rushing to conclusions based solely on the acts of someone! To realise the power of intentions, it is said that when you put your attention on an object of your intention, it will orchestrate an infinite number of events to materialize such intention. Interestingly, one cannot escape from their intentions. People around them, particularly those with open antennas and a level of heightened understanding or developed awareness, can almost always notice them and distinguish amongst the different types, and most importantly, one lives the outcome of his or her intentions to a degree that it can be argued that each person is then confined to living a life reflecting his or her very own intentions. So, focus less on your actions and more on identifying what intentions govern and guide them. Be sure that a “good” deed you carried out is most of the times annulled by the very fact that you did it half-heartedly or with not-so-pure or kind intentions and that a somewhat “bad” action could be completely harmless, even if it somehow, through other intervening human factors, turned out not exactly as initially planned, simply because your intentions steering and accompanying it were always good, benevolent and compassionate, aimed at serving a higher good. No toxic is excreted in our human world under the latter eventuality, yet unfortunately some always does under the former. Forgive yourself some mishaps or wrong words, actions, choices and moves; instead draw courage and comfort your heart by telling yourself that you meant well and that is what truly matters. After all, some human flaws are expected and forgiven in everyone and this is particularly the case when such flaws are stitched together with noble intentions. The universe doesn’t pick up on your actions or keep a record of your every good or bad move and deed; it merely records every second along the journey what it is you intend and reflects it all right back at ya! Consider your intentions, become aware of them, cleanse and cherish them – they determine who you are to a much greater extent than what you imagine. Accepting your blunders and detecting your intentions, whilst ensuring they are ruled by your truth, kindness, integrity and outmost respect to you and others is one of the greatest truths and secrets to a happy life.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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