Whisper of Today 06.06.2016

Whisper of Today         06.06.2016

purple bouquet & bee

What are you most likely to take notice of or pinpoint…the good aspects of a person or his/her faults? Do you catch yourself over-analysing the annoying habits of people or mentioning stories in which they have done you wrong in the past or do you easily let go and invest your energy pondering on the good things they have offered or offer you or the world in general? Do you tend to view others who act in your opinion irrationally or with bad intentions with your lenses of leniency, compassion and understanding or do you wear your glasses of strictness and stubbornness with regards to what you consider being right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable? How do you treat those who may daily rely less on their wisdom and rather fall back on their ego, those who are far more ready to react instead of act? When you find yourself in cross-roads of this kind, realise 2 things; (i) your own “messages” sent through your own vibes are perhaps not so clear hence the receiver is equally unclear on them. Tidy your head up, cleanse your frame of mind and trust that “when YOU know what you mean, there’s a much higher chance that others will know what you mean”. Consider alternating your way of channeling or conveying your messages since if we bring to mind the idea that others are our reflection, a state of chaos in mostly all others around us should ring the bell and alarm us into diving inwards, examining our own stance, (ii) your lack of displaying an attitude of gratitude, counting the positive things such people offered/still offer and think how far judging them is actually a kind thing to do. ‘Judging’ places you in a chair of arrogance whereby “you know better or more” than the other. You may think that you don’t mean to judge and that you are just sensitive and in fact ache to witness this that and the other, yet remind yourself that even so, kindness makes room for people’s faults as it knows there is no ‘good and bad’ – just different life experiences and different choice on how to experience such experiences. Kindness is in that way shown to you as you no longer eat and beat yourself up getting hurt or disappointed over the actions and omissions of others, which anyway never belonged to you. Don’t take anyone’s attitude or opinion so seriously or so personally – it may sound like an oxymoron yet making you the most important person and not making others so important IS the best way of showing others their significance as this is the grandest form of kindness, respect and acceptance you may portray to them.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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