Whisper of Today 05.05.2016

Whisper of Today        05.05.2016

happiness is an inside job

If someone asks “From one to ten, with how much awareness do you live your life?” what would your answer be? How would you rate your level of consciousness and would you say that you are on a journey of enlightenment? What does ‘being enlightened’ entail? It doesn’t mean being constantly happy or having the tendency or the interest to analyse the spirit and the soul. Being enlightened is about recognising the boundless possibility you stem from and the unlimited potential you are…it is about being conscious with yourself and realizing that every single act of yours, so long as it is taken mindfully, will manifest itself into a spiritual act, with little need to do much more than just that. Only when you take real charge of YOUR life and align yourself not with the linear human mind-set but with the unrestricted colourful flow of infinite possibilities, omniscience and omnipotence, embracing your limitations and placing them in an equal place of love as that unbounded potential you have faith exists, can you truly feel connection with you, with others and the world. When you treat yourself with kindness, respect and love you create a channel to speak with God, to reach Him, as only through resembling such graceful virtues do we become true children of His, constituting living proof of the universal divinity we seek to believe in. There’s no better way to connect with a holy concept than to BE that holy concept, energizing each step of yours with the attitude of gratitude. When you realize that YOU ARE all the love there is to be, divinity expressing itself as a human for a little while, you will then be able to truly pray with all your heart and soul for light in the hearts of those you love and in the hearts of the people that those you love love, spreading openhandedly your light in this world through your authentic display of generosity, acceptance and benevolence to you and all humans of this cosmos.

Love and Light,

 Tania Pirilidou

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