Whisper of Today 23.05.2016

Whisper of Today                            23.05.2016

reiki snail

We are often caught in situations where we are encircled by the opinions, ideas and thoughts of others, where everybody has a voice which sooner than later turns into a mere white noise. Out of habit we allow ourselves to be subjected to it, to stand right in the centre of it, exposed and consciously or subconsciously bombarded by it. Sometimes, out of inherent reflex, we may open up our personal little umbrella, believing that this way we protect ourselves from getting wet from this external rain of judgment, desires and expectations. Does it help? Not really…instead most of our energy and effort is invested in holding up our umbrellas and on our failed attempts not to get irritated by the very fact itself. Yes we are in this world and others voices do and will by right exist and have their place around us. The flow of life suggests so and God forbid if there weren’t or if we tried or aimed in escaping that. Of course we aim to recognise others’ voice and choice yet we mustn’t get trapped in their noise. Of course you make the time to hear them however no need to get consumed by them before even having had the chance to hear Your voice. Create daily the opportunity of hearing You and dare to venture into the sometimes frightening void of quietness and solitude in order to face yourself, to listen to Your body, to silence and hush the mental analysis of others’ ideas and instead get in touch with your feelings on each matter of life. Listen to your heart’s whispers so that to reap the rich and unique rewards they carry as You are your self’s best doctor, best friend and best pit stop on life’s journey since, when is all is said and done, the world is a subjective experience lived and witnessed through the eyes of just one person alone, You.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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