Whisper of Today 21.04.2016

Whisper of Today   21.04.2016


Michelangelo once created ‘David’-the statue of the perfectly proportional Man. What if you were told to create the perfectly balanced Adult? What kind of virtues would you give him? Feel for a second what being a perfect, whole and complete Adult means to you… Awareness is I reckon the first thing you’d pick from the jar of virtues. An Adult is aware…aware of the present moment as he is by mature choice fully into it, aware of his surroundings as an Adult knows that to be where he is, it is he who has placed himself there consciously or subconsciously to serve a choice…- his choice, of which he is not only aware but also deeply respectful; an Adult is aware of his soul purpose and his inner intentions since he takes the time to focus on them, to cleanse them, to listen to them and then to follow them, fulfill them! An indispensable virtue would then be freedom! Could your Adult not be free? Would your Adult not be serene and truly liberated of feelings of constant desire, unsettledness, insecurities or fears? Could your perfectly balanced Adult be at all imprisoned in these? And above all, wouldn’t your Adult be in control of his emotions? An Adult has the wisdom to take care of himself as he sees that only from a place of balance, healthy emotional world and love can he give all that out to the world. An Adult knows to honour himself; an Adult knows how to be himself and how important it is to be just that… An Adult respects others’ difference in opinion and doesn’t take such difference personally, as he knows that in the end, it is himself he needs to listen to and please. An Adult recognises that we are all children of the same sky, all here for a short while’s stroll. An Adult approaches with humility all of his brothers’ and sisters’ personal path and choices, whilst knowing that he still carries the sacred responsibility to take care of himself as only by taking care of you can you truly reciprocate Mother Earth’s givings. What is your ideally balanced Adult like? Picture it – put your mind to him. Then remember: You are that Adult.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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