Whisper of Today 13.04.2016


Dear Self,

Today was another walk in life. It was another tiny yet fully noteworthy part of its journey. It started when dawn hit your bedroom window and shall ‘pause’ as soon as you place your head on the pillow and enter the realm of sleep and the land of your dreams. And now, few hours prior to that moment, I hear your whispers. They speak from the subconscious soft words, untainted from human conditionings, free of every worry and devoid of any judgment. They remind me that today was a great day as you are now home, integral, safe and sound. Making it healthily through each day is not something to take for granted, they say…They hark back the divinity from where you come and with a soft breath they tell me that the best thing you can do for this earth, the most precious gift you can give it daily is to take care of you; They explain that a person not taking care of himself, making thoughts of discontent, worry, control, criticism or doubt, is a person who is in a zone of discomfort and no matter his genuinely good intentions, ignoring himself alone is a self-destructive act which is subsequently destructive to the whole and assimilates to a car with a broken exhaust polluting this planet. They tell me that on the contrary, a person making sure that his body, mind and emotions are in harmony, that aligns his soul’s melody with his human actions in perfect orchestration and adjusts flexibly to life’s flow emits only healthy vibes, an energy beneficial to himself and subsequently to our planet and the people inhabiting it and radiates at its brightest form of light. They illuminate me with kindness on how taking care of you and listening to you is not a selfish act but in fact the most generous act of giving you can ever offer to those you love and the land which hosts you. Fortunately, they reassure me that you can forgive yourself the times you polluted yourself and the earth by doing any of the above because your intentions were good and they constitute the stepping stone you attracted for these whispers to reach you. They hum a song which I know says “whichever kind of car you drove around with, today or in the past, is okay.” They advise that there is nothing we choose, touch, see, attract or experience which ever goes to waste since all together they provided the clear foreground to the choice you always had, have and will have, to choose to take care of you and without those experiences you may have never reached this conclusion or received your today’s whispers!

Love and Light,

Me 🙂


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