Whisper of Today 12.04.2016


Relax…Take a long breath. Take another one. Remind yourself how it’s ok

to lose yourself every once in a while or even to have felt lost for quite a

while now…it’s part of the journey and what in fact gives value to the feeling

of finding yourself once more. Close your eyes for a couple of seconds and

open them. Feel gratitude for what you see, feel thankful for the fact that you

can see! When thoughts keep interrupting, let them be simply by focusing on

your breath. You’ll be surprised to see how much awareness you gain and how

in touch with the unlimited potential you come through mere recognition and

realization of your own breath. What is behind? Who is breathing? Who’s there?

Calmness, wisdom, love, abundance, faith and surrender are what sit behind and

dance forward with each mindful breath. Yet we mostly breathe mechanically,

with restraints, half-heartedly, unaware, blind to all those virtues we carry in

just our breath! Spend no longer time in routine breaths. Come in touch with

yourself and in this way enter deeper waters of communication with others

around you, the nature which surrounds you and life itself! Come so close to the

love that you are, that you are almost in tears with how blissful it can make you.

Touch happiness with your wand of love and excitement and with an attitude

of wise gratitude every day as happiness cannot reach you, if you don’t reach

out for it too. In today’s crazy rhythms, it’s important to make time for that touch!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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