Whisper of Today 21.03.2016

 love paramali

Silence you mind for a little while and hush the incessant voices in your head. Cross the field of noise and step beyond the nonstop talking into the field of quietness.Consider for a second all the persistent stream of patterned thoughts occupying your mind, day in day out, for months, years, almost taking up your entire brain. See all those thoughts right in front of you parading and then separate from your thoughts, creating space so there’s a “you” and a “them”…Stop identifying with them and instead make the conscious choice to jump out of the fast-moving train which carries them, with complete faith of a safe landing onto solid land and beautiful nature. View your repetitive thoughts as a water faucet forgotten there to run, producing the same quality and quantity tap water every second of each day, until one day you make the choice to simply turn it off. There is a voice inside of you crying out for your attention, desperate for that recognizable look that says “I am here …” or “Here I am…” Yet it is that very same “voice” that is waiting so patiently for you to take the leap and jump off that train, to turn off that tap, to notice its existence…Waiting for you to notice its forceful existence by going beyond your human thinking, your human roles and limited understanding, beyond the human rhythms and functions, the do’s and don’ts. And there it all is – all the unconditional love that you are, all that flawless space and unlimited potential, your holy “home”! The most real form of comfort is the comfort offered by our home and a person who fails to take the time to connect with his soul by interrupting all mental and physical activity and coming in touch, becoming one with his own love is like a person who for a long time hasn’t been home…Exhausted, irritable and tensed, devoid of any rest, love and the ability for healthy perceptions. The times which the soul has restlessly followed the human around in its explorations are endless.., is it not about time that the human too follows its heart’s explorations and pays a visit to its soul’s home? Today touch base with your heart’s love, magic of soul! Today, go ‘home’…

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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