Whisper of Today 19.01.2016


Mishaps of life…things that turn upside down from one day to the next,
a physical disability of a colleague, a heart-breaking suffering of a precious
family member, the loss of a loved one are all events which can truly shock
and shake us humans as we believe that what we are and what we have right
now, is all there is to be, all there is to own…Deny it as much as you want yet
we are all subconsciously hopeful of immortality as we are fearful, or better
doubtful, of anything existing beyond our human world, being way too attached
to the idea and reality of having someone physically close and alive in flesh and
bone in order to “have” them at all…We think in flat limited ways as to how we
and the world in general functions since we have been, without our realization
and control, conditioned and convinced to think, comprehend and believe as such,
not realizing that the very existence of a world and the humans and the more
than 7,000 spoken languages and the emotions that such languages and coupled
actions aim to convey, are on their own inconceivable potential and a reason on
their own to believe in grandeur and magnificence! Take a leap and step beyond
your five-sensory system and bestow faith in the magic surrounding or even justi-
fying your existence…Our lives are spent striving for happiness, chasing the
unreachable, running like mice on a wheel, fighting for our freedom…, failing to see
that the most liberating thing we can do is to accept that some suffering is inevitably part
of life and part of what we are exploring as humans. Unburden your arms by coming
to terms with one of the deepest truths: we do not last, we do disintegrate, we too
will one day say farewell and be the guy leaving instead of the one staying behind…
We are hungry for a painless life and thirsty for security…The biggest security is the
realization that you are always secure but not immortal- your spirit is eternal and
shall live through you and with you forever and a day! Being “dust in the wind” is
not a sad conclusion but a wisdom slap to make us all live, laugh and love more!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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