Whisper of Today 10.12.2015

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 How honest are you to yourself? Have you ever contemplated that you
are the truth that you live and the more truthful you are to you the more
truthful are your relationships with others and the situations you find
yourself in or stumble across? Being authentic means being the raw truth
of who you are, means daring to be you, being brave enough to love you
just the way you are, means dealing with what’s going on inside so that
you are able to function with matters on the outside. Imagine your soul
and body as an endless ocean…Each time you trick yourself, betray yourself,
fail to deal respectfully with yourself, don’t take care of yourself with humble
reverence and authenticity, you fill the bottom of your very own ocean
with garbage, dirt, weed which over the years turns into mold and decay.
Yet each time you are your own Truth, each time you take the time to speak
with yourself, each time you dare to swim in your own deep waters where
dark shady matters are underlying for years, each time you diligently and
with sincere intentions and kindness deal with what concerns you or takes
away your smile, each time you honour yourself by seeing a situation with
wisdom and clarity, looking for and working out a solution instead of an escape,
pretending to yourself and unavoidably then to others, that’s when you
meticulously look out for yourself, treat your ocean, ensuring its bottom is always
kept crystal clear and its top is glowing, its waters maintained healthy, bubbly,
fresh and surely the kind of ocean you and others want to dive into, wish to lay
next to, enjoy exploring, are content to simply gaze at and feel lucky to have. Dare to
take a dive in your own ocean fearlessly as it will put an end to your subconscious
resistance, granting you harmony. Dare to create a truthful relationship with yourself
as it is the only way to create truthful relationships with others and the world.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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