Whisper of Today 09.12.2015

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On a day like this, there can always be bliss.
Bliss is in the tranquil rhythmic glitters and sparkles found in
the shallow waters of the sea on a sunny day; it is hidden in
the smooth flight of sea gulls and pigeons flying right above
it; it is in the delight of blooming flowers and in the energizing
breeze of beautiful tall trees! It is in the peace of mind of the
grandpa sitting on his veranda on a swinging chair with a newspaper
in his one hand and a coffee in the other, it is in the big hugs and
warm playfulness shared between a grandma and her grandchild! Bliss
is all around us if only we remember its presence, acknowledge its company,
activate it from inside of us and feel gratitude for it. We may well be
surrounded by beauty and showered by fortune, yet none of it will be seen
if our eyes are shut, our minds stubborn and our spirits kept ignorant.
Each moment, wherever you are, with whichever person, whichever
circumstance–enter the moment and be determined to grant yourself
the gift of finding its bliss, realizing that through that action, you are
only taking better care of you…truly loving you! Every moment, every
circumstance, every person, almost anything…shall be just what you decide
it to be as whatever the case, how you react, and better so, act on it and
how you perceive it is totally and absolutely…your choice!
On a day like this, there can always be bliss!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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