Whisper of Today 19.11.2015


As humans we place so much importance behind being ethical…“being fair”! We value honesty, the initiative to “be correct”, the sacrifice taken by some to “do the right thing”, all of it of course mostly filtered through our own set of morals, which is always nothing but “another set of morals”, letting our unshaken idea of“right” and “wrong” determine the acts of such and such fellow human.Undeniably someone’s deep care and self-sacrifice is to be viewed with reverence and gratitude, but no judgment should be whirling in our system the instant we consider someone’s actions or set of ideas different to ours; instead sincere honesty and fairness and self-sacrifice call you to embrace and accept and be compassionate to every set of idea,every life approach and every choice of each fellow human. Sticking to your own inner truth is one thing to be remembered – it grants you alignment with your soul and inner peace. Remembering that your inner truth is not always the same or even similar to someone else’s is not to be forgotten – that doesn’t disturb your truth, it merely grants you tolerance and tolerance is true fairness and kindness.Remember to actually practice what you so highly value and admire seeing in humanity,starting first by being honest, fair and truthful to YOU, as only when you see how sacred and important it is to respect your truth, will you come to realize how truly important the truth of someone else is to that person and how that truth too, should be respected!

 Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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