Whisper of Today 16.11.2015

16.11All in life dances around us in a mystical way and rhythm, all around us
slowly moves and unfolds, the way planet Earth goes round…smoothly,
magically…subtly, peacefully! You can live your life ignoring that universal
dance happening around you, you may even totally shut your eyes from it
and drown yourself in ignorance to it, you can enter a rat race of trying so
very hard to catch that magic, to be a witness of that very breath-taking
moment of the world twirling before you, or you may simply choose to
live it in absolute surrender to your heart, with eyes wide open to your own
soul, pausing to experience tough challenging times of pain, melancholy and
emptiness, realizing that they are also you and they too exist in the same whole
compound magical equation of you and this cosmos. See ‘dark times’ as vital as
‘light times’, filtering them too through the channel of your heart, with the
knowledge that feeling such moments is allowing yourself to truly be human, to
witness the duality you have come to explore with a conscious choice to, yet making
all the while the same conscious and sub-conscious choice to place light in such
moments of darkness, as your soul is always full of light and no matter the human
experience you are currently challenged with, you can never separate from that divine
light, as you are enlightened one. Dive bravely into any experience you are faced
with, as you can never do a mistake. Is there right or wrong when your right maybe
someone else’s wrong and your wrong someone else’s right? Walk through your day
with no judgment towards yourself or others, trusting that the peace, satisfaction
and love you are looking for, rests inside of you, so long as you truly enter the moment
and put your heart into it. Heaven is undoubtedly ‘perfection’ but when you are so
close to something you cannot truly see it. Human life is the time of ‘unblocking’, of
taking a step back, separating slightly from Divinity, creating the necessary space and
making a little bit of room to witness and appreciate the heavenly perfection you are!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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