Whisper of Today 04.02.2016


Dear Self, Today I will not overburden you with repetitive thoughts,
nor will I judge you if you fall into the habit of making or mulling over
them. But I shall not take these thoughts too seriously and I will not
chase after them or pay excessive attention to their content… I will
simply allow them to be, to pass in and out of your brain, in and out of your
conscience recognizing that they too are a precious part of ‘you’. Today I
will be totally honest with you and I will dare to stop this buzz in your head,
trembling and spreading all throughout your body and existence…a buzz I’m so
used to carrying around and living with, I often don’t even notice being there…!
I’ll make sure I step out of it and feel my peaceful perfection knowing that I am
in this way giving you the best boost in this world whilst giving the world too the
best I could give it, my conscious existence beaming bright with the light of my
awareness..! Today I will be the love that I am and I shall then consciously announce
things as “perfect”! Today I will give you the 15 seconds of peace you need to just
switch off and connect with you! For a change I will love you A LOT, I will remind
you how happy it makes you to love your dearest and nearest, your sweet routine,
your job, the people you spent your everyday with…today I will count my blessings!
Today the aim is not to ignore ‘problems’ but give them equal attention and respect as
our most carefree moments of fun and relaxation! Today is not a battle to be won or some
more time to be killed…Today is a day for mindful attention to the ‘right here and now’,
not taking time on this earth for granted but cherishing each simple moment by diverting
focus to it, treating it as the true treasure that it is…Today I shall view all people not as
competitors but as fighting comrades and companions in life! I promise you! Today!!

Love and Light,

Me 🙂



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