Whisper of Today 17.09.2015

Whisper of Today 17.09.2015


You are at each given moment the person in charge, the author of your

Life’s script, the interpreter of Life’s script, the composer of its melody…

In every human relationship certainly lies a different set of dynamics, in each

human interaction rests the seeds of opportunity to give-and-take diverse

information and emotions…No person you come across is a coincidence as to a

certain percentage, little or plenty, that person reflects a part of you…perhaps an

instantly felt or visible one, or a part deeply buried or still inexperienced. Each

person you are exposed to or attract in your life is there to show you things

unknown or to reassure you on things you feel familiar to you and thus feel

understood and accepted. Both are invaluable and essential for your mental

and spiritual development. You carry messages and notions for others, they carry

something for you. Keeping these in mind and handling every human association with

that silent awareness as well as sacred gratitude for it is called ‘sofia’…wisdom! Energize

every relationship in your Life knowing that we are all one and all those people are part of you,

the way planet Earth is part of the Universe! Inspire your every step and build a relationship

of wisdom, loyalty, trust and love with yourself and rest assured, that despite the different

human roles and tension of everyday life, they shall be felt and reciprocated by others and

they shall transform every relationship into a genuine exchange of heartfelt authenticity

and a sincere, meaningful, true and genuine sharing of happiness!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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