Whisper of today 27.08.2015

Whisper of today 27.08.2015


Do you ever get that weird inexplicable ghost-like feeling

that you somehow carry around with you yet it pops up

out of the blue and suddenly you are caught feeling blue,

numb, bored…almost like a cloud of pointlessness has un-

expectedly covered your skies? Clouds over our heads appear

when we disconnect from the moment, when the moment becomes

a dance whose steps we are constantly trying to catch or we ‘ve given up

on catching or a song whose rhythm which just don’t tune in with..

when all your efforts are put into the ‘trying’ and all your energy is

placed behind ‘thinking’ over ‘being’. The moment requires you to find

your own steps to live it, to swing in your own authentic rhythm as your

true personal rhythm is always the right rhythm and to that, the Now pays its

humble respects and puff! There it is: connection and alignment with Life!

Picture the Now not as a fast-moving train you are desperately

running after but merely as a train wagon you are at your own pace

truly entering; noticing it, stepping in it by choice, respecting that

very choice of yours, that very moment of yours as the Moment is

yours and peace comes in the connection with it; Don’t procrastinate or

hope for better days, instead be the author of your own good fortune

now, Today! Powerfully take charge of every field and moment of your

Life so that your cloud of doubt and blues slowly dissolves, giving your

true light a chance to shine! Trust, that for you to be part of this world,

this world needs you just as you are…unique and infinite Creator of your Life.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

2 responses to “Whisper of today 27.08.2015

    • My beautiful Bella! Just seeing this now… Thank you SO much for your sweet thumbs up and encouraging words! Coming from an amazing inspirational writer and person, it is received with humble gratitude and great honours! xx


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