Whisper of today 21.08.2015

 Whisper of today 21.08.2015


How often do we occupy our minds with thoughts

such as “was he respectful?”, “does she act with good

intentions?”, “is there gratitude and genuine kindness down

their part?”…Whatever the answer to such questions, the only

thing added to this world through your questioning is a sense

of worry which dulls out your own light. Each person anyway

lives and will live the result of his/her emotions which will

essentially, in direct and indirect ways reflect in his/her

life, through people, circumstances and their ‘reality’.

So rather than engaging upon assumptions and concerns

on the emotional world of others, focus on your emotions.

Mow your lawn of thoughts, cleanse your garden of feelings

knowing that by doing so, you are far from being selfish,

on the contrary you are honouring your inner truth, shining

brighter than ever your rays of good intentions and serenity,

granting this cosmos with the most healing thing you could ever

offer: the Pure You!…aligned with your true essence, connected

with both your higher and human self… in touch with this world!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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