Whisper of Today 20.08.2015

Whisper of Today  20.08.2015



When you allow others to attack you

you have stopped looking out for yourself;

When you let others cause you anguish, pain

or distress, you are not taking true care of

you. Someone may well have an intention of

attacking or upsetting you for his own reasons,

when his ego has taken over him/her and surely

you can’t control or change all people around

you. Yet what you can control is how you view a

situation, a certain experience, a moment, which

is after all a millisecond in the vastness of human

history. You can be attacked yet choose not to feel

attacked, choose not to take it at heart, for you

know that it belongs to them and so you respectfully

leave it with them. Such confrontations only manifest

in your life simply to form the ground on which you may

learn to choose to take care of you, no matter what.

The ‘wars’ will decrease and soon cease when the power

of your resistance will no longer feed them to reappear.

You can with a magic duster wipe out all the dust and tosh

you may have collected from others, all the many opinions

that never were yours and shall never be…And you can, with

the magical tool called ‘Choice’, shed light to the darkest

corners of your mind and take great great care of You!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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