Whisper of today 18.08.2015

Whisper of today  18.08.2015 


Zoom out of what you are doing right now.

Allow your brain some time to reprocess and

produce that image whereby your moment and

overall life almost freezes and zooms out, giving

you the chance to see its bigger picture, as if from

an air balloon which at a very slow rhythm rises…!

Notice the faces in your life…your close family,

your extended family, your friends, your colleagues,

the people you randomly yet daily cross paths with.

See your routine, your lifestyle, your neighborhood,

your place of work, your house…Detect your status in

all those different forms, read into your emotions, what

comes up? Is there gratitude for the fortune of a safe roof?

Satisfaction for your job and the work environment you’ve

created or placed yourself in? Are all the human relationships

in your life dealt with respect and pure, good intentions? Flying

above life may sometimes help to get a perspective of our life,

either to move from a situation that we feel stuck in or merely

to shower with recognition and smile at the beautiful fairy tale

‘village’ we are after all living in and often may forget or fail to see!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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