Whisper of today 17.08.2015

Whisper of the day  17.08.2015



How easy is it to quieten your thoughts? to cease

all your worries? to refrain from pondering on all

the things that must be said…all those decisions which

must be taken, all the stuff which should be done…? How

tough is it to put an end to the regrets of what should have

been done or said and how easily do you end up wasting

your ‘now’ by mentally travelling to your past or by drifting

unto wonders and presumptions of the future? Try accessing

the present moment…no particular sophisticated way in doing so…

Simply truly take a notice of all that which surrounds you, the person

you are perhaps talking to, the work you may be doing, the food or

fruit you are eating, transferring your full attention to whatever

it is you are doing or which surrounds you. By respecting the

moment you are respecting Life as life is happening this moment.

By respecting Life, your Life shall reflect all that respect and soon

you shall notice that your thoughts are quieter and less interruptive,

that your worries are fewer and decisions are duly taken, living with

no regrets, honouring Life by truly being present in it, surfing in alignment

with Life’s wave as that unfolds, grateful for our past experiences

and certain of a safe & happy future.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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