Whisper of today 09.07.2015

Whisper of today 09.07.2015


Perfection is always present, dwelling in the fragments of milliseconds

as our day and our life unfolds. With that unfolds a choice, a choice

that in each of those milliseconds, in each fragment of your existence,

you may create space for that perfection…choose to enter that perfection.

Trains of events and waves of thoughts surely always come up,

providing shadows, shadows which merely give our light essence,

body and substance, granting us the gift of the experience of light!

Happiness comes not when you seek or chase it, not when you

methodologically aim to achieve it, but when you choose it…When in

every fragment, you may observe the misery but you may also remember to

twist your head towards the corner of happiness, recognizing that

it is all just a choice..! Everyone’s heart is filled with love and unshaken

serenity…yet few take a pause or pay attention to it…In the rush of things

keep in touch with it, send it your awareness and humble gratitude and trust

that you are without beginnings and no ending…an eternal divine flame of love!

Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou

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