Whisper of the Day 15.06.2015

Whisper of the Day  15.06.2015


Embrace whatever it is that you do. In this very moment. Give it your full presence.

Talk to whatever it is that’s bothering you. Ask it where it comes from, what it needs from you…

Dare to be honest with yourself. You can’t preach about honesty, seek honesty, without

giving it abundantly to you. There’s no one else you trick by ignoring something which

annoys you, no one else whose needs you disregard by overlooking a situation which

just doesn’t sit well with your existence, your energy, your purpose…

The wisest thing you can do in life is to show utter respect to your existence

and that starts by loving yourself, by listening to yourself, by acting upon what you hear,

by being honest with yourself; Be sure that even the most minor of things you ignore

can little by little, drop by drop fill up a bucket full of discontent, internal turmoil,

poisonous stress and subconscious anxiety, which can only one day make you ill.

How often do we pay attention to what society has developed over the years as

the right way to be, the right thing to do, the right way to live our own life. Imagine your

life’s canvas as empty. How do you feel when you tell yourself that you are free, entirely free

to draw on it with your own rules, your own instincts, gut feelings, imagination, creativity, love!

How would you paint your life then? How would you live your life then?

Ask yourself truly what you would do if you knew there is no judgment,

no guilt, no fear or doubt or possibility of failure in whatever it is you decided.

The biggest success one can achieve with himself and others is a healthy internal dialogue,

permitting healthy, peaceful and truly clean breathing to enter and exit his/her lungs,

not polluting his internal or external world but shining through the real light and love that he/she is!

Are you polluting yourself (and subsequently the world around you) or are you having healthy internal

(and subsequently external) dialogues? You only have the true answer to this. Don’t lie or trick yourself.

Trust that the real magic and beauty will reveal itself at its best when you are truly honest to yourself.

Love, Light & Truth,

Tania Pirilidou

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