Whisper of today 22.04.2015

Whisper of today  22.04.2015


Take a pause· you are allowed one. For five minutes of

your day, give yourself a real pause from the performance

of your roles, take a break from the non-stop thinking,

from the feelings of worry, from the endeavours to please,

leave aside the endless criticism you may consciously or sub-

consciously give yourself or others, step out of the human drama

you often choose to place yourself in, inflicting unnecessary

and pointless harm to yourself, your day, your body and inner peace.

Take a breadth· and with that breadth let the leaves of your tree

of life move smoothly into a soft breeze of inner quietness, calming

down even more as you shower yourself with healing light of love,

as you become aware that you are the best doctor of yourself;

You are your self’s best guide into paths of truth and happiness.

Have a dialogue with your Higher Self, simply by embracing your heart,

getting in touch with its beat, its warmth & sending it thanks for its

ability to keep your feet grounded, your spirits high and your mind open!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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