Whisper of today 31.03.2015

Whisper of today  31.03.2015


Have you ever pondered on the difference between your

Spirit and Soul? Inspiring wondering..!? How often do you refer to

them, yet how much little thought have you given to either of them to

even consider the difference? How respectfully do you reflect upon them

when making small or big everyday choices through your free will?

How in touch are you with your Soul or Spirit?

The Soul identifies with your subconscious mind and represents

‘awareness’, potential, an intensity of light and energy, a force of movement-

a bit like…the wind!

On the other hand, Spirit…is emptiness, stillness, serenity, space-

a bit like…the air!

The Soul being our wind of awareness and the Spirit being an empty space of air,

the two work miracles together and are mutually dependent in that the Spirit (air)

allows the necessary space for our Soul (wind) of awareness to unfold and in a

beautiful human choreography, take various forms, figures and shapes!

Soul and Spirit are interrelated, much like you are with Divinity.

Take a pause at this moment; Look up and for a minute ponder on

where it is you come from. Where do you come from? All around you

is part of you and as grand is the sky, you are that sky. As deep is the

ocean, you are that ocean. Vertically and horizontally connect and surrender

to the holy perfection surrounding you at each moment, which is always

with you, regardless of whether you see it, believe in it, pay attention to it…for

no matter what, you ARE enlightened one and you make the difference in this world.

Love, Light and Truth,

Tania Pirilidou



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