Whisper of today 13.02.2015

Whisper of today 13.02.2015


From the moment you enter this world, you make a difference…

Simply through ‘being’, you make a difference since, just like that,

you are connected, one with this Earth and all which forms part of it.

Through your physical body you are seen, through your mind you are

heard, through your spirit you are felt, through your actions you are

witnessed…observed and through your thoughts you contribute to the cosmic

energy found in microscopic cells amongst all. Take a look at the Sky today-

how much mystic beauty lies in the very view of this divine roof of our home?

As you perform your every role and task, perform it with faith and trust that

that majestic sky is part of you & you are nothing but equally magical, incomprehensible,

A-MAZING…grand!! There’s nothing to worry about…life will inevitably take its turn…

And the sky will be ever-changing in form time and again, every second passing by…

yet each form hides beauty and will only reveal its true radiance and grace once you truly

open your eyes to it, pay real attention, feel it with your heart…

a heart which knows no weakness, carries no hardness or doubts, a heart which is

always well as it is Love’s home & Love is always abundantly peaceful, gentle, content!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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