Whisper of today 04.02.2015


How often do you run across people & get mind-blown by

how different they are to you? How often do you address

others with respect, ethos, sincerity & get back nothing of

the kind? How often do you offer a handful of good intentions

& get scolded or misunderstood? For yes, we do live in a world of

contrast, in a material world of duality surrounded by a dense

vibrational frequency which can often feel suffocating, faced

daily with a clash of personalities, conflicts of the ego & battles

with our fears, anger, guilt, insecurities, disorientation between

our many roles, beliefs, titles, positions…Yet, Life, for reasons we

may not be able to ascertain clearly from our earthly perspectives,

is something we have chosen & it is indeed our special mystic journey!

It is a period of transition of our soul, a phase of grand trans-

formation, a walk in this earthly world which we take wearing our human shoes

whilst a subconscious part of us forever knows we are not

really from this world….when a part of us always misses our heavenly

state, when our Higher Self always somehow knows better & yearns

for that problem-free higher-dimension invisible place full of connection

love & light…Accept the Life you are living, amalgamate your human self

with your spiritual self & embrace it with wide arms full of abundance &

compassion. All what we encounter, all who we meet poses as an opportunity

to a closer understanding of our human self, experiencing day after day more

variety of the human species which we belong to…See noticeably that if

you can’t find what represents you in others or outside of you, it could well

be the case that you should look for it all from within, as you ARE your best

source of all those things & virtues you admire, love & cherish!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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