Whisper of Today 15.01.2015

Whisper of Today 15.01.15


You don’t need to search too far to find Love as you ARE Love,

You don’t need to expect flowers from others when you can

get yourself the most beautiful flowers of your choice…you don’t have to wait

for others’ sweet words, when you can offer your ears the most tender inner monologues!

True peace is internal and it occurs even when outside factors trigger our

ego to react and enter a state of turmoil. Don’t blame others or the absence

of others for your state of being as then all your energy is focused and diverted

outside of you and whilst you are busy ‘watering’ the gardens of others, you are

constantly sad and wondering why your garden’s plants just don’t seem to flourish

or grow…You can have all the good intentions in the world but so long as you

keep them from yourself you can never give them out or convey them abundantly

onto others & your world. You can hide behind illusionary walls & patterns of

behaviour built consciously or subconsciously over the years, but since all is part

of you & all you come across is a reflection of you, keeping a wall to them is like

keeping a wall to you as through the eyes of others & through the interaction

with such other souls, you have the opportunity to discover more about you & you come

steps closer to your own true light. Each time you think you need to ‘fix’ something outside of you,

remind yourself that that ‘need’ is just a thought of yours-an illusionary thought of need as your

true soul has no needs; dis-identify from it- embrace it & inspire it with your Love and Trust,

promising yourself that you will always take care of you & face Life with your Truth & an open heart!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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