Whisper of Today 11.12.2014

Whisper of Today 11.12.2014


Everything we share in this world, every acquaintance,

every moment, big or small experience, everything our eyes

lay sight on is composed of a forever-flowing energy…

Do you feel it? Do you become one with it? Whilst you are busy

working, running, worrying about the past & the future, in the present

moment there are birds flying in groups & shapes in enchanting skies,

there is a big round sun shining, there is a friend who cares, a mother

who adores, a playful dog running, colorful fish swaying underwater!

An earthly paradise! Humans love, we love each other, we love love, we do

everything because of love, for love, around Love…we may not always

know how to express our love, not been shown the most tender displays of it,

allowed life’s circumstances to harden us up, to make us fearful of love,

of admitting love, of being exposed to it; yet there’s nothing to fear…as when

you free-fall into the abyss of your souls, the net to save & embrace you

will be no other than the net of Love, the mystic glowing threads of which

are light as feathers…deeply warm, compassionate…a serene grip of true

security, as Love is what we ultimately are & Love is the field we all meet at!

Love, Light & Truth,

 Tania Pirilidou


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